Siteground vs. Inmotion Hosting

Siteground hosting is ranked as one of the leading web hosting companies, considering its first debut on 2007. Inmotion hosting, on the other hand, started on 2001 and has already reached an impressive ascent. While web hosting companies require a substantial amount of work, the label “best web hosting company” is nearly impossible to attain. However, as means of personal preference, deciding on which may be the best web host depends on the factors a client or user focuses largely on. Taking a closer depth into both Siteground hosting and Inmotion hosting will be discussed here.

Uptime & Load time

Getting the facts straight, Siteground scores an uptime speed of 99.98%, while Inmotion scores a 99.97%. As for Load time, Inmotion scores a bit higher with a speed of 596ms and Siteground at 542ms. Quite frankly, both Siteground hosting and Inmotion hosting score an outstanding rank in this aspect and has shown a consistent percentage throughout the decade of Web hosting services. While uptime and load time serve as significant factors in determining the best web host among others, various factors affect the E-commerce industry that cannot be decided alone on speed tests.

Customer Service reveals the excellence in Siteground’s customer service and similarly, while Inmotion hosting has shown a score rating of 10/10 in its customer services as well. It’s no doubt both companies have shown a great deal of core competence when it comes to customer service representatives and dedication towards their clients. In fact, Inmotion emphasizes on their customer service with 24x7x365 support via phone, email, live chat, and ticket system. And yet, also reveals that Siteground has become a trusted web-hosting company with over 500,000 domains, making both Siteground and Inmotion great leaders in the customer service aspect of an E-commerce business.


When it comes to being the best web host, security makes a great difference when users are confident their data won’t encounter any poor management of sensitive information. While Inmotion hosting offers a Sucuri security plugin that aids in anti-spam and anti-virus protection, Siteground hosting offers a plan with SSL certificates, which have been a common preventive method used by 90% of the largest Fortune companies. In addition, Siteground offers a HackAlert Monitoring software that notifies the user should any threat enter the system for just an additional $1 per month.

Additional Features

While Siteground offers free transfers of websites and e-commerce installs, Inmotion offers just about the same except an additional feature of 90 days money back guarantee and tons of Google apps integration. What’s more is that Inmotion offers unlimited disk space storage, which is an aspect of Siteground limited offer on disk space. As mentioned in, Siteground’s limited plan of only 10,000 to 25,000 visitors comes off as a disadvantage for websites looking for more traffic.

Best Web Host: Siteground or Inmotion?

Both Siteground hosting and Inmotion hosting mark outstanding scores and make leading behemoths among various Web hosting companies. While security stands as a great mark for Siteground, Inmotion offers a wider range of offers for bigger websites and larger data. Noted in, the auto-scalability feature of Siteground, which prevents the over use of resources, is an invaluable feature especially for startup companies. Last but not least, offers a full outline and detailed review of Inmotion’s services, while is for Siteground. Contesting between the two, it all boils down to the size of your desired website storage & management access and the technical knowledge a user is familiar with in Web hosting.